Happy St Patrick's Day!

8th grade Tech In-service

Grade this:
This I believe…
I believe that one day all kids can skip grades K-4 because those grades are the grades where the teachers don’t get straight to the point. Like when they teach you something you already know and they talk about for a whole semester instead of just a week, or when you’re in 1st grade and second all you do is draw. When you get to 4th grade you have a science experiment for the rest of the year. In grades higher and the one grade lower they get to the point. In preschool you learn what school will be like in Intermediate School. When you get to High School there is a lot of disorganized stuff that later all come together. You can get a lot smarter. That can help the world in later generations.
When you are in Elementary school your parent can teach you just enough and definitely more. When you’re at home watching television you learn something, a story. When you’re at home your parents teach you a lot you can ask questions on the world. Your parents teach you history same with television. They teach you math like some television shows. You’re mom can buy you books without feeling like you are forced to do it. They also teach you Science experiments like how you can get the pop bottles to explode, or to get something to move faster.

I think when the teachers in 5-6 grade they answer your questions. In k-4 the teachers usually don’t understand your questions, the parents though understand your questions they have known you all there life. While the teachers everyday have to deal with some crazy kids. They have so much stress, complaints, and rough times.
I believe one day we can skip the grades K-4.