15 February
The American Solar Challenge started here in North East Ohio this past summer. We were there!360 american solar challenge.jpg

7 February360 EBIKE.jpg
Questions answered about eBikes

Top 10 Ebikes of the Future

China bans eBikes! EXTRA CREDIT

Global E-Bike Sales Expected To Reach $24.3 Billion Annually By 2025

360 ebike graphic.jpg

31 January
Xprize car winners
360 edison car.jpg
Edison 2

360 e-tracer motorcycle.jpg

360 li-ion motors.jpg
Li-ion Motors

24 January
Ultra Pods - YouTube; Website360 ultra pods.jpg

13 December360 softcar.jpg
360 cree.jpg

And....how to charge that EV at home with your own solar panels: EV ARC

Swiss Softcar

29 November360-ELF.jpg
    • Organic Transit and the ELF - designed from the vision that now a viable market for an ultra-efficient vehicle that was a cross between a bicycle and a car
    • Redefining the future of high-speed ground tran360-VicHyper.jpgsportation, VicHyper is developing Hyperloop technologies to travel at unprecedented speeds. See also YouTube video