1. Activity Goal and Step-by-step Instructions


Look at the design problems at the bottom of this page. Choose one that you wish to attempt to 'solve' then follow these steps. You may also devise a design problem of your own. See the teacher with your idea.

A research.jpg
Research on **Thingiverse** or the web for solutions to the problem that have already been created by other people.

B Sketch.jpg
15 pts. Sketch in your composition book some of your own ideas for possible solutions to the problem you chose. Use lots of labels to explain. Note: If you saw other ideas already created, your own design must not be the same - but, it can alter their idea to improve the design. Show the teacher your sketches. Get ideas / critiques about your sketch from 2 other students. (have them write these opinions in your composition book and sign (print) their name.

50 pts. With approval, create your design in Google Sketchup using 'real' dimensions. Choose your template wisely. Use the metric scale Save the file to your S: drive.

D turnin.jpg
10 pts. File/Export stl Choose mm in the Export Units and leave the File Format ASCII. Save into bupublic/@collaboration/!thonnings/3D turn in folder. Make sure you use the class file naming conventions.

Optional Extra Credit
E teach.jpg
25 pts. Teach the class something about how to 'do something' in Google Sketchup that would be helpful for others to know.

  1. Optional: Click here

Design Challenges

  • A cord organizer for ear buds. Constraints: must fit within your pants pocket; must organize the cord; must have an identifying text on it or part of the design
  • A label for gas tanks for my yard equipment - weed eaters, chain saws, push mowers.


3D Troubleshooting