Problem -Not sticking to plate

  • Red PLA. Looks stringy. Edges are pulled up in some areas. Starts on first row. Parameters are such:b7 antonio spinner - not sticking to plate.jpg

b7 antonio spinner -not sticking to plate 003.jpg

  • Possible solutions-from Makerbot troubleshooting website.
    • clean plate with rubbing alcohol
      • Cleaned blue tape - almost seemed to help, then started to string/curl. Chattering started. It must have hit something with the chattering and threw things out of whack, so stopped. Was REALLY stuck to tape. Had to take tape off and it didn't come off easily.
      • Cleaned bare plate, waited, and tried again.
    • Move plate up slightly. From the Makerbot site: "If that doesn’t do it, try loosening each knob on the bottom of the build platform by about a quarter turn to move the platform closer to the nozzle."
    • From Makerbot: "If you're still having trouble, you can always run the leveling script again, from Utilities->Level Build Plate. This time use a thinner piece of paper, or move the platform up until you feel the nozzles grip it a bit more. You might need to try this process a few times in order to get it just right.