7th Grade End of Class Evaluation
Directions: Copy/paste the following questions onto THE TOP of your own wikipage. Answer Each question using complete sentence, correct grammar/punctuation, and include examples and personal stories. Grade will be based upon content (taking this seriously), length of answers, and depth of thought and reflection

1. Think back over all the activities we did over the past 12 weeks: drawing/sketching, google sketchup, 3D printing, reverse engineering, stop motion animation, junior solar sprint, and TV production. Tell me a 'story' about 3 of them which might reflect your participation in those three.

2. Which of those activities did you 'like' the most and why? Give personal narrative stories explaining why...

3. Which activity(s) did you NOT like and why?

4. During the activities of this class, what personality trait/quality of yours helped you the most complete and be successful?

5. List and describe 2 to 5 qualities of an outstanding team member as opposed to a 'bad' team member - based upon your experience in this class

6. What does the term collaboration mean to you? Define it. Then, describe what you think about your own collaborative qualities and give examples.

7. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being really bad and 10 being incredible, rate yourself at how good of a listener you are. Give any examples to back up your opinion

8. Evolution! This class focused a lot on the evolution of ideas. Did YOU evolve? Do you now know more? More about your capabilities? Your group work skills? Your interests?