7th Grade Engineering Class

7th Grade Ohio Tech Standards Alignment CTE Alignment

Big Picture
Problem Solving / Design Process / STEM

The Numbers....
Class Length: 9 weeks
Frequency: Everyday for 40 minutes
Who: All 7th grade students take this class

What you will need for this class
  • Composition book
  • Pencil
  • Cheap earbuds and container (Altoids)
Topics Covered
  • Design, design process, and problem solving
  • Basic sketching and creativity techniques
  • 3D printing: overview of 3D printing process
  • Hands on prototype work
  • Solar power, gears, weight and balance, electricity, etc
  • Basic electronics, circuits
Software to be used
  • Google Sketchup
  • Wikispace
  • Google products/services
  • Animation software
  • Movie-making software
  • Screen captures
  • Data collection sensors
  • Etc...

  • 1 Day: Rules, procedures, etc.

Duration: 1 week
Unit Instructional Page: https://thonnings.wikispaces.com/sketching
  • Orthographic and Isometric sketching
  • Labeled sketching / Dimensioning
Required products
  • Orthographic and isometric sketching in composition book

Google Sketchup and 3D Printing
Duration: 1.5 week
Unit Instructional Page: https://thonnings.wikispaces.com/Design
  • Google Sketchup Software basics including saving and exporting
  • Drafting simple to more complex objects
  • Measuring in metric
Required products
  • Small project to be printed on 3D printer; Optional object to be printed for use on Junior Solar Sprint car

Junior Solar Sprint
Duration: 3 week
Unit Instructional Page: https://lbmsjss.wikispaces.com/home
  • Design process, creativity, cradle to cradle
  • Use of Sketching and possibly 3D printing
  • Prototype
  • Optimization
  • Data collection
  • Science and math connections
Required products:
  • Completion of model solar car according to NREL rules and constraints
  • Team work

Duration: 1 week
Unit Instructional Page: https://lbmsjss.wikispaces.com/home
  • Basic circuits and electronics
  • Electronics math
  • LED's
Required products:
  • Completion of circuit experiments
  • Possible soldering of electronics project

Duration: 2 week
Unit Instructional Page:
  • Combines design process, sketching, and electronics
Required products:
  • Completed prototye
  • Possible 3D printed more advanced prototype