For 1st Nine Weeks of 2017-18

Thursday, Oct 26th
  • Action
    • Today is the last day! You'll go to ART class on Monday
    • Make sure you take your comp book, pencil, earbuds,etc
    • Presentation due today. Each group will get 1 to 3 minutes max.
    • Last assignment is a end of class self evaluation. Click here.

Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Action
    • Go over team dynamics
    • Check homework on napkins
    • Work on design project - Engineering Brightness
      • Presentations are due first thing on Thursday


Thursday, Oct 18
  1. Action: Take pictures of solar cars and
    car with label.jpg
    car with label.jpg
    • Make small name 'plates' with your names, year, and period designator
    • Come up when called with car and name plate
    • Picture with name plate - 10 pts

  1. Input data. Click here for online data submission
    • Data: 25 pts

  1. (15 pts) End of activity self evaluation - click here
    • Note: if you don't get this done, you may do this for homework

  1. Only AFTER you've done the above - take your car apart and give Mr. T the following:
    • Motor
    • Gears
    • Axles
    • Wheels
    • Paper bag

  • Homework - this homework is due Monday, October 23rd.
    • Main homework: Watch the Youtube video, "Cradle to Cradle."It's from a company called gugler, the first printing company worldwide, which succeeded in developing a printing product which is certified according to the Cradle to Cradle® standard. On your own wikipage, put in a title (Cradle to Cradle) and answer the following questions:
      • 1) What is the Take, Make, Waste?
      • 2) What's wrong with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?
      • 3) What are the 3 parts to Cradle to Cradle (What is it 'about?')
      • 4) In a second paragraph, give me your opinion on this 'cradle to cradle' concept and it's implications for how we design things as humans.
    • Optional Extra Credit: (Due the last day of class on Thursday, Oct 26th)(up to 30 extra credit points base upon quality, quantity, original thought, insightful thought, added quotations, etc...)
      • Part 1: Watch, "The World We Want for Our Children."
      • Part 2: On your wiki - under a title (the name of the movie) - write a short summary of the movie and then add your opinion of the cradle to cradle movement and what good it might bring.
      • Part 3: Go to the Cradle to Cradle Product registry. Search through this for a product of your choosing. Please choose either a Gold or Silver level product. Read any information about it (including going to the company's website) and in a second paragraph write an in-depth description of the product and what makes it so 'good.'

  • Action:
    • Will race this day. If outside, please bring jacket to class. No one will be allowed to go to locker.
    • NOTE: There are NO makeups for the race!!!

Monday, Tuesday October 16 and 17
  • Action:
    • Complete car and test. Will go out during the period on Tuesday to test with sun
    • Need LINE test - must show teacher or will not be allowed to race on Wednesday.
    • Please check your grades. If you want to come in Monday to completed missed work, please tell teacher
    • Forgot to do homework for Monday? May do so for up to 80% credit. Please follow late work turn in procedures.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Oct 9, 10, 11
  • Action:
    • Didn't get first prototype done? Finish asap and show teacher
    • Check grades
    • Demo/explanation of solar panel holder and weight and balance
      • Due by end of period Wednesday
        • 20 pts - Structure completed
        • 10 pts - Demonstrate to teacher balance/center of gravity
    • Race will be next week!

  • Homework due Monday, Oct 16th: Watch the following movie: On your wikipage – create another section and title it, “How do solar panels work?” Below the title answer the following questions:
    • What is light?
    • What are the major physical barriers to using solar cells and modules?
    • What are the major social and political barriers to using solar energy?
    • What are most solar cells made from?
    • Does an electron have a positive or negative charge?
    • How long can solar cells last?
    • Each individual silicon cell puts out how many volts?
    • How efficient are the normal commercial solar cells?
    • How many people in the world don’t have access to a reliable electric grid?

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Oct 4, 5, and 6th
  • Action:
    • Work on car
    • Demos on gears, measuring/cutting chassis, attaching gear to axle, gluing to chassis, gluing motor to chassis, testing in hall
    • 50 pts: 1st prototype due on Friday.

Monday and Tuesday, Oct 2 and 3
  • Action:
    • Teams decide about design
    • Cut out chassis
      • Utility knife safety demo
      • Don't forget to mark for axles on chassis BEFORE cutting shape

Friday, Sept 29th
  • Action:
    • Not finished with 4 Insane Solar Car? Homework
    • Work on chassis

Thursday, Sept 28th
Mr. Thonnings is absent today. Here are your instructions:
Note: Do NOT start this activity until you have read the entire instructions! Get your assigned computer and log into your own wikipage. Remember – your username is your page name and your password is your normal password. Remember to log in ONLY when you’re on your own page.

1) With headphones, watch the following movie, “4 Insane Solar Cars”:

When you’re finished, type in the title “4 Insane Solar Cars” for this section at the top of your wikipage. Below the title, in your own words, write a paragraph summarizing the movie. Include a topic sentence and at least 3 supporting detail sentences, in which you should use technical terms or names of cars/products. Insert a quote from the movie in your paragraph, including the quotation marks. Make sure you finish with a concluding sentence. Then, write a second paragraph with your opinion of the movie. Grammar, punctuation, content, and quantity will count towards your final grade. Remember – you can pause, rewind, or total re-watch a movie if you need to.

3) If you have time, watch the following movie on how to make a solar phone charger. On your wiki, create a new section and put in a title. From the movie, make a ‘list’ of items you would need to make this charger as well as a list of what tools you would need.

Tuesday/Wednesday Sept 26 and 27
  • Action:
    • Go to 'Suggested Steps' page of the JSS Site and with your partner, follow directions.

Monday, Sept 25th
  • Action:
    • Overview Design process
    • Review JSS Rules and Constraints
    • Break into teams

Friday, Sept 22

  • Introduction to JSS Project: see here
  • 4th period only: Environmental Engineer presentation
Wednesday and Thursday, Sept 20th
  • Action: Google Sketchup and 3D Printing unit: Click here for wikipage Last day to turn in for full credit is at the end of the period Thursday.
    • Note...if you finish early with your keychain, you may work on Friday's homework
    • may try to design a wheel for your car. See here

  • Reminder: If and when you finished missed work, please follow proper late work turn in procedures. See the main page of your class wiki.
  • Homework for Friday, September 22: Find at least 3 websites on anything dealing with the Junior Solar Sprint. Copy/paste the URL's to your wikipage in a bulleted list. Give the section a title. Make sure this section is at the top of the page.

Tuesday, Sept 19th
  • Action: Google Sketchup and 3D Printing unit: Click here for wikipage Last day to turn in is Thursday.
  • Exit Ticket: Before the end of the period, complete this Exit Ticket
Monday, Sept 18th
  • Action: Google Sketchup and 3D Printing unit: Click here for wikipage
  • Exit ticket: (5pts) On a scrap paper torn out of your composition book, describe one thing you learned to do in Google Sketchup. Be precise and description. List steps. Make sure you have your name and period at the top. Hand in at the end of the period.
Friday, Sept 15th
Thursday, Sept 14th

  • Homework: Go to the discussion link on your class wiki. Make sure you log in (username is your page name and your password is the normal password. Do NOT start a New Post. REPLY to the "Homework: What is Creativity" post. Follow the instructions.
Wednesday, Sept 13th
  • Action:
    • You have 15 minutes to complete your animation and turn it in for full credit.

  • Homework: bring in thin cardboard (like from a cereal box) 5 pts

Monday-Tuesday, Sept. 11th and 12th
  • Action: Work on animation
  • Last day to work on animation is Tuesday
Friday, September 8th
  • Action: Work on animation
  • Preview Microsoft Movie Maker and how the animation can be enhanced with sound

Wednesday and Thursday, September 6th and 7th
  • Action: Work on animation.
  • Outline Design Process and how it relates to this animation project as well as future projects in this class
Tuesday, September 5th
  • Action: Introduce 2nd Animation and break into new groups. Brainstorm and plan for animation
Thursday, August 31st
  • Action: Complete stickman animation. See activity page for constraints. Will only have 10 minutes
  • Watch all student animations and discuss how improvements can be made
Wednesday, August 30th
  • Action: Complete stickman animation. See activity page for constraints

Tuesday, August 29th
  • Action:Introduction to stop motion activity
    • hardware setup
    • software setup
    • Procedures
    • Saving

Monday, August 28th
  • Action:
    • Complete all isometric sketches of blocks 1 and 2
    • Introduction of stop motion animation project

  • Homework:
    • 1) Watch the following Youtube video:
    • 2) On a recyclable material - sketch 2 of the objects in the following 3 minute YouTube video: If you're really good, make sure you challenge yourself by doing the milk carton and an open box.

Friday, August 25th
  • Action: Complete isometric sketching
Thursday, august 24th
  • Actions:
    • Complete orthographic sketching
    • Start isometric sketching

Wednesday, August 23rd
  • Homework reminder: Bring in signed permission slip, composition book, pencil, and ear buds
  • Actions:
    • Sketching
      • Orthographic sketching

Tuesday, August 22
  • Homework reminder: Bring in composition book, pencil, and ear buds in a small ziplock or container that is labeled with your name.

Monday, August 21st
  • Homework: Bring in composition book, pencil, and ear buds in a small ziplock or container that is labeled with your name.
  • Actions:
    • Class introduction, overview, rules, procedures, and needed materials
    • Strength of materials activity