8th Grade Capstone Project
Goal: To plan and complete a self-directed project where something is made or designed or a process is completed.
Why: Most activities in 'real life' deal with the concept of self-determination, self-guidance, and working through problems - in a timely basis - to complete a task. We do this for our family lives (build a shed, replace a toilet, get a car repaired, etc.), our business life (create a presentation for business clients, design a home for someone using their suggestions, invent an 'app' for a specific need and market it, etc.), and for our personal interests (design a vegetable garden, learn how to play the piano, do a painting, etc.)
  • Time - you will only have a specified amount of time to complete your projects.
  • Materials: Before you start, talk to the teacher about what materials he might be able to supply. You will have to supply the rest. Be aware of your parents time and money.
  • Difficulty: Choose something that you and your time would be able to complete in the available time. Not so difficult that you wouldn't be able to finish it, but not so easy that you would then sit around and do nothing
  • Related ideas: You may choose something from the list below or come up with your own, but it must be a subject related to this class
  • Team members: You choose your team members. No more than 3 students per team
What's needed
  • On your wiki
    • Title at the top of your page (boldened)
    • Stated goal
    • Facts/acquired knowledge on a wiki (cited links included)(Research)
    • Plan of action/ job delegation
    • Materials list;
    • Essential question list (should be ongoing)
  • Completed project;
  • (Optional for extra credit if there's time) Short presentation (include pictures, movies, diagrams, etc.)
  • (50%) Completed and on time
  • (30%) Individual effort
  • (20%) Wiki items

Possible ideas
  • Build a solar charging station for a cell phone or
  • Develop and start a marketing plan to get students to plant a tree on Arbor Day.
  • Use multiple solar panels to 'pump' water the highest you can
  • Get the Aquaponics fishtank going (only one group)
  • Get the worm composter going (only one group)
  • Cook something with the solar cooker (other than hotdogs)
  • Using mirrors and the sun, obtain the highest temperature at a focal point
  • Make a pizzabox oven and cook something in it
  • Do a Skype conference with company / university that has solar panels, wind turbine, etc for the class (LCCC has a wind turbine program)
  • Power a DC device (mine or yours) with solar panels
  • Build and plant an indoor window vertical garden. Site1Here2Site3
  • Run some Christmas lights with solar panel/battery system
  • Connect LED readout to solar panel testing station and test 30 solar panels
  • Put together the large solar panel system and power something from the sun
  • Cook something in a solar oven