Solar Activity Self-Evaluation
Directions: write answers for the following questions. Put at the top of your wiki page.

  • How many and what devices did you get to work?
  • Describe what it was that you did to be successful at this activity
  • How is studying Solar Energy important for YOUR future?
  • Please find one online article about America’s progress in using solar energy and how it’s important for our country’s future. Summarize the article and put the link at the bottom of your summary.
  • What grade would you give yourself on this activity and why? Be specific about your behavior and your use of class time. Be honest!!!


8th Grade: End of Class Self-Evaluation (20 pts)
Directions: At the top of your own wikipage, in a new titled section, answer the following questions using correct punctuation, grammar and spelling. You may copy/paste the questions from here to your own page. Grading will be based upon quality, quantity, and honest of your answers. You are not to talk to anyone during this assignment.
  • Reflect on your work in this class by giving examples of your best work.
    • Architecture (floorplanner and building scale model), programming robots, Research blade design and KidWind competition, design problem (sound proof)
  • Describe 2 memories of this class you'll never forget
  • Reflect upon on various skills you were asked to develop/use during this class. List 3 that you think you'll benefit the most from and will help you ensure a successful future. You may use any from the list below, but there are many, many more that haven't been listed
    • Technology: using online software, uploading files to a web page, using discussion pages as part of group work, collecting data with sensors, creating charts with software, (knowing what charts to use without asking), analyzing data and coming up with conclusions, being responsible and remembering usernames/passwords, 'grabbing' screenshots, saving files with required file naming conventions, using tools in a safe, responsible manner....
    • Student skills: following written directions, asking questions or for help when needed (after reading instructions), being self-reliable, being a self-starter, listening to lectures/directions and retaining the information, using and following checklists for projects, self-evaluating personal progress and skill evolution, doing fair share of work while in a group, participating in activities, participating fully, responding to questions, discussing / negotiating issues with group members....
  • Rate yourself in terms of being a good listener. 1 being horrible, 10 being excellent. Next, how would the teacher rate your listening skills. How would your fellow group members rate you? If there is a difference between those three, please explain
  • Rate yourself in terms of being a good group member. 1 being horrible and 10 being excellent. How would your teacher rate you? Next - generally speaking, how would most of your group members who you worked with this term rate you in terms of being a good group member? If there is a difference between those three, please explain
  • Evolution! How have you evolved during this class? Think back to who you were at the beginning of the class and who you are now and how those two people might be different. Explain.
  • How is 'respecting' the classroom one of the most important or least important concerns for a human being?