Google Sketchup and 3D printing

Assignment #1: Google Sketchup Basic and Block #1
Goal: To use a 3D software to create an object to be printed with the 3D printer. (online version doesn't have 3D text)
Basic directions Get headphones, earbuds, login and watch the following video: How to draft block #1
  • Upload the exported picture of block #1 to your wikipage. Be sure to include a title and that it's at the very top of the page. Oh yea...and the caption. But just watch this quick video instructions: See here
Assignment #2: Google Sketchup -Keychain
Goal: To use a 3D software to create an object to be printed with the 3D printer. (online version doesn't have 3D text)
Basic directions Get headphones, earbuds, and work on Key Chain 3D printing project by watching Part A , Part B and finally Part C using Google Sketchup. Make sure you're pausing your video and doing what needs to be done. Do NOT try to watch the entire movie first. Note: a mouse will be brought to you by one of your classmates. Carry your laptop with two hands!
How to watch instructional videos Do NOT try to watch the entire video and then remember everything! Watch the movie in bits. Pause and do.
Rubric: Total project points based upon:
  • 20%: Completed project on time
  • 30%: Individual Effort towards completion of goal
  • 30%: Preciseness / Following directions
  • 20%: File name correct and turned into the correct folder

Assignment #3
Designing something for your solar car
Goal: To follow the design process to create a piece for your solar car
Steps: Students should first create a sketch in their composition books with rough dimensions and check with the teacher before starting in Sketchup. You may also use the templates on the JSS/Chassis page or the JSS/Wheels page
  • Object should be totally designed by student - not downloaded
  • Students can work in groups of no more than 4, but each student should have their own sketches in their own composition book
  • Object should not be any larger than 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm
  • Axle holder
  • Guidance system
  • The actual chassis itself
  • Motor holder
  • adjustable solar panel holder


Saving your work

  1. File / Save or File Save-as
  2. In the Save in box, click the down arrow and choose your S:drive. Do NOT EVER leave it in 'My Documents"
  3. Type in the correct file name using class file-naming conventions. For instance, 7C5 Bill T Battery holder
  4. Click the Save button

Export STL file

You must 'export' the correct type of file so it can be printed using our 3D printer. Right now, your file is an .skp and you need it to be an .stl
  1. If you haven't already done so, save the file into your S:drive. If it's already been saved there, make sure you do a File/Save
  2. Next, File / Export STL Make sure it's the Export STL and not just Export
  3. Change Export Unit to Millimeters
  4. Direct the file to go be exported: bupublic/@thonnings/!!classroom collaboration/3D files to be printed
  5. Once the file has been exported, go to that folder in bupublic and make sure the file 'REALLY' was exported
  6. Objects will be printed in order that are on that list. You may or may not have your choice of color.