Reverse Engineering Project


To study simple mechanical engineering/design by taking apart a simple toy or mechanical device.


Any toy will do, but you should pick one that has screws so it can be taken apart. Look for battery-powered toys that have motors, lights, moving parts or wind-up toys that exhibit multiple motions. Stay away from toys that are 100% electronic. You can also bring in mechanical devices like old toaster, fishing reels, and the like – as long as there is evident, observable motion. Remember, you're probably not going to put this back together. Don't bring in antiques. Click here for examples

Procedures / Steps

Click here for Procedures and Steps

Grading Rubric

Click here for grading rubric

wiki_icon4art_sculptures.jpgWhat happens to your toys?

We give all all your toys to the art department, where Mrs. Regas has 8th grade students design and create art sculptures from all the pieces. Check out some pictures.

Helpful Links

Exploded View Hall of Fame

Click here to see the best of the best exploded view sketches. Not many students get their work exhibited here; it's a real honor for your work to be here. Congratulations