Civil War Ball

Disclaimer! Please note that currently we use a free webservice called Ustream to broadcast these events. They cover their costs by running advertisements and some of them might be construed as being objectionable. We have no control over what ads run. These ads can be close out of by clicking the appropriate buttons should and when they show up. Sorry for this inconvenience. If you encounter any problems, see below. This broadcast will start around 6:45 pm on May 15th.

Live Video streaming by Ustream

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Who's doing this?Seventh grade pre-engineering students are running this year's broadcast. They are as follows: Camera operators: Jack W., Noor, Rachel, and Video engineers: Adam and Rachel. The adviser/teacher: Kurt Thonnings
If you have any questions about this broadcast, please contact Kurt Thonnings:

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Welcome to the online broadcast center of LBMS. Please note that this service is an experiment and may or may not work on your home computer. The event you see is 'live' so anything could happen. Network speed, computer issues, etc., could cause us to lose connection to the web, thus stopping our
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We are able to do this using a service of Ustream TV that allows us to mirror the audio/video on our own site. We are attempting such broadcasts as a service for parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends so that they can view events from literally anywhere in the world.