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KidWind is a great Math/Science activity that is going national. The KidWind Challenge has students designing and building model wind generators and then competing against each other to produce the most amount of energy. KidWind -started by a 6th grade science teacher- is an company that inspires to teach kids about clean energy. See their website at

LBMS Technology classes alters the KidWind curriculum to fit a two week schedule. Pairs of students first research a single variable of blade design, collect data, formulate conclusions and then present their findings to the rest of the class. Based upon the knowledge that was shared in the presentations, students either by themselves or in pairs, design and build a more refined wind generator model for the purpose of competition.

Below are some of the materials used in the LBMS version of the KidWind project. Project Overview


KidWind Challenge

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Current Database - over 377 build model turbines in the last 6 years

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